Mission Statement

"Promoting fair, reasonable and uniform laws among the states with respect to the distribution and marketing of motor vehicles in order to prevent frauds and unfair business practices, and to promote and maintain a fair and sound system of distribution of motor vehicles to the public."

What is NAMVBC?

The National Association of Motor Vehicle Boards and Commissions ("Association or NAMVBC") is a non-profit corporation dedicated to:

  • Assisting its members in interpreting different state laws and regulations relating to motor vehicle dealer licensing
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas for the purpose of developing better methods of management and regulation
  • Promoting understanding between government and the vehicle industry


The NAMVBC by-laws state that full membership shall be open to any government agency responsible for issuing, licensing, or sanctioning licensees that are engaged in the sales or distribution of vehicles. Associate membership shall be open, upon approval of the Executive Committee, to any person or organization whose professional activities will enhance, further, or support the objectives of the Association.

Current full membership includes the Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board, Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board, California New Motor Vehicle Board, and the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission, just to name a few.

Associate members are typically industry leaders who bring a wealth of information and insight to the NAMVBC's meetings and workshops. They also help develop cooperative relationships between the private sector and government agencies. This fosters opportunities for better understanding each other's philosophies and interests and assist in reaching common goals. The NAMVBC's Associate members represent a diverse group of private companies that operate within the motor vehicle industry and include among many others, Ford Direct, Manheim Auto Auction, California Motor Car Dealers Association, and the Arizona Automobile Dealers Association.

The NAMVBC meets at least twice each calendar year. One meeting is held in the early fall and is typically a two-day workshop. The workshop includes speakers from the automobile industry and round table discussions between the members. The workshop is typically hosted by a member state, but can be hosted in the state of a prospective member. The second meeting is held in conjunction with the National Automobile Dealers Association's annual meeting and takes place in late January or early February. The agenda for this meeting typically includes guest speakers and discussions of the NAMVBC business

If your government agency licenses motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers, or sanctions or mediates between dealers and manufacturers or consumers, you often need a resource that will provide information about current trends, rules and regulations from other states. The Association provides you with a directory of members including their e-mail addresses. You can simply e-mail your question to other members and obtain immediate feedback to your inquiry. For industry or associate members, there is opportunity to develop relationships between the private sector and government agencies, which encourages the understanding of each other's philosophies, interests, and common goals.