Government Members

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Who are our Government Members?

Government members of the NAMVBC represent various government departments or agencies responsible for licensing and overseeing the distribution and sale of new and used motor vehicles within their state or provincial jurisdictions. Typical members are the leaders of the government department or agency charged with these tasks. While legislation can vary greatly amongst the jurisdictions, there are common and unifying issues such as dealer-manufacture and dealer-consumer disputes (including unlawful activity), and dealing with unlicensed dealer activity (including curbstoning). Coupled with these issues, is the challenge of regulating in an ever changing political and economic framework and climate and the ease in which motor vehicles cross jurisdictional boundaries.

The NAMVBC offers a unique forum for members to reach out to these various state and provincial members, simultaneously, to gather or share information on emerging trends or problems. The members also share ideas for best practices in delivering on their mandates in cost effective ways. Many state members have found the NAMVBC to be an invaluable resource when they need guidance in new areas of responsibility due to legislative mandates. The NAMVBC also provides a means for government members and industry members to exchange information and resolve concerns in an open and cooperative environment.

Here is a list of our members: