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Alexadria Pictures

Autonomous Vehicles

Beck Chevrolet Case

Key Trends In Auto Retail

The Economics Of The Industry

Denver Pictures

Sales Effectiveness (Part 1)  /  Sales Effectiveness (Part 2)

Vehicle Recalls

Technology and Auto Insurance

Export of New Vehicles

Drowning In Tech

The Disruption of Mobility on Demand

Arizona Pictures

Board and Commission Governance

Dental Examiners vs FTC

Federal Advertising Compliance

Fixing Safety Recalls

FTC Auto Initiative

Manufacturer and Dealer Disputes

Subprime Auto Financing

Used Car Sales and Auctions

San Diego Pictures

Autonomous Vehicles in California
Bernard C. Soriano, Ph.D. Deputy Director, California DMV

California DMV Vehicle Dealer Programs
Andrew Conway, Chief, Registration Policy and Automation Branch

Dealership of the Future
Glenn Mercer, NAMVBC

Future Funding for Highways
Norma Ortega, Acting Chief Deputy Director, California Department of Transportation

Growth of Public and Private Partnerships
Tom Fullington, eDS Chief Operating Officer

Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Jennifer Timian, Chief, Recall Management Division, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, NHTSA

Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls
Stephen A. Lending, Managing Counsel, Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

The California Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate:
Legal and Market Expectations Intertwined

Jonathan Morrison, President, Auto Advisory Services, Inc.

Baltimore Pictures

Port of Baltimore
Steve Jarczynski, MPA Marketing

Overview of the Division of Financial Practice's Auto Program
Teresa Chen Kosmidis, Division of Financial Practices, Bureau of Consumer Protection

Autonomous Vehicles in California
Stephanie Dougherty, California DMV

Computer Technology in Modern Investigations
Ontario Motor Vehicle Association
Carey Smith, Director of Investigations & Michael Rothe, Director of Legal Services

Proactive Disclosure in Canada & British Columbia / New Development In New Body Transparency
Ian Christman, Registrar and Privacy Officer, Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia

From Paper Files To Electronic Document Management
Prin Mandate, Transparent Government

A Common Objective: Vehicle Safety
Jennifer Timian, Chief, Recall Management Division, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, NHTSA

2011 RENO
A Bankerís Perspective of Manufacturer Facility Requirements
David G. Braun, Comerica Bank

Californiaís Electronic Lien and Title Program
Mary Garcia, California Department of Motor Vehicles

How to Improve Investigations in Online Classified
Allen Atamer, LTAS Technologies

Facilities Requirements and Upgrades: Benefits, Burdens, Tension, Tests
Kenneth J. Murphy, Arent Fox